Martin DeWitt, Founder and Principal Researcher

Martin DeWitt is the founder and principal researcher at Piedmont Insight. He has a decade of experience addressing critical business issues and guiding decision-making for organizations through designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative market research, delivering actionable intelligence, and managing insights practices. Over the past 6 years, he has managed about 60 research projects involving ~19,000 respondents and ~$750K in research spend creating insights around markets, customers, competitors, brands, messages, and employees for his employers and independent practice clients.

At Red Hat, he develops and delivers insights and strategies through quantitative and qualitative research and vendor management on market size and share, market segmentation, market problems, sales sentiment, GTM planning, win-loss analysis, and customer insights around Red Hat’s server operating system.

In 2019, he was the market research manager at Noregon Systems, a medium-sized B2B technology company. At Noregon, he measured and analyzed the market size and share of the company’s flagship product, identifying areas with the most opportunity to grow. His go-to-market research helped the CTO make a build-versus-buy decision and a product manager know which prospective customers to target for a new software-as-a-service offering.

Martin enjoys working in business insights because he likes helping organizations to innovate, grow, and achieve their goals.

He has a BA in sociology from Duke University, a graduate certificate in survey science from UNC-Chapel Hill, and will graduate in 2022 with a master’s of science in marketing research from Michigan State University Broad College of Business

Martin lives in Hillsborough, NC, with his family. His hobbies include hiking, reading, and watching basketball.

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